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MYGAS.GE – is an innovative web portal, which will save your time and energy. Pay used natural gas fee without leaving the house, control expenses, get to know your subscriber history at “Socar Georgia Gas”/”Sakorggazi”, receive information on volume of consumed gas and planned/unplanned gas interruptions.

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History of the company

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) entered Georgian oil and natural gas market in 2006.

SOCAR affiliated companies in Georgian gas sector are: “SOCAR Georgia Gas” LTD, JSC “SOCAR Georgia Gas Distribution” and JSC "Sakorggazi" – the so-called "SOCAR Gas" group.

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    “SOCAR Georgia Gas"/"Sakorggazi" business environment is marked by high organizational culture and advanced technologies.

    “SOCAR Georgia Gas" / "Sakorggazi" management appreciates its employees, as they contribute much to the growth and future success of the company.

    High standard of professionalism, teamwork and common values ​​are the main principles for each employee of “SOCAR Georgia Gas" / "Sakorggazi".

    Our team is motivated and success-oriented - we work together towards achieving common goals.

    By joining “SOCAR Georgia Gas" /" Sakorggazi" team you become part of one of the most successful companies in Georgia, with stable work, friendly atmosphere and healthy competition.

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  • Rules of safety


    If you smell gas in the building:

    1. If you smell gas before you enter the apartment (open the door):

    • Do not open the door and leave the building as soon as possible;
    • Call the emergency service department of SOCAR Georgia Gas / Sakorggaz at number 114 or hotline at number -16 114.

    2. If you smell gas while in the room:

    • First of all, close the gas valve;
    • Open the windows and ventilate the room;
    • Do not turn on or turn off electrical appliances (light bulb, telephone, etc.), which may result in an explosion;
    • Immediately leave the territory and call the emergency service of SOCAR Georgia Gas / Sakorggaz at number -114 or hotline at number -16 114.


    For the combustion of natural gas, oxygen is required. The main products of the combustion of natural gas are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O).  Gas flames are normally blue. Red flames are the result of insufficient oxygen and the sign of incomplete combustion. During the incomplete combustion toxic carbon monoxide (CO) is produced.

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    “SOCAR Georgia Gas” / ”Sakorggazi” conducts purchasing of goods in compliance with the international standards of quality.  The quality of services purchased by procurement department is checked by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  

    In 2010, “SOCAR Georgia Gas” / ”Sakorggazi” obtained ISO 9001:2008 Standard Quality Certificate. In 2016, the company was recertified by new standard and became the first company in Georgia to receive ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Certificate. Introduction of the Quality Management Certificate enables the company to focus on continues growth and progress, encourages its personnel development and ensures permanent quality monitoring.

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    The natural gas market is regulated by the Georgian Law on Electricity and Natural Gas and determines responsibility of all the bodies involved.

    This law shall regulate relations and activities of sole entrepreneurs, physical persons and legal entities in the areas of natural gas supply, import, export, transportation, distribution and consumption, and shall ensure functioning and development of natural gas sectors in accordance with market economy principles.

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