16 114

Charges and Bills

The cost of consumed natural gas is payed as per bills submitted to “SOCAR Georgia Gas” / “Sakorggazi” customers on a monthly basis. A company’s employee ("a meterman”) checks the meter reading, the bill is submitted to the consumer either as printed output or in an electronic form (via sms, email and / or other means of electronic communications).

The customer pays the cost of consumed gas within the period specified in the bill. Non-acceptance of the bill does not relieve the customer from the obligation to pay the cost of the consumed natural gas. In case of non-payment gas supply will be suspended.

In case of non-acceptance of the bill, the customer shall obtain the information regarding the cost of consumed natural gas through “SOCAR Georgia Gas” / “Sakorggazi” hotline- 16 114, by indicating customer number via  “SOCAR Georgia Gas” web-portal - , send USSD code via mobile phone to the umber *303# and follow the instructions or visit local service center.

Attention: Information regarding the rights of the customer is given on the backside of the bill. In case of inappropriate action conducted by the company or the company’s employee, the customer may contact the Consumer Protection Officer at Georgian National Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (19 Mitskevichi Str., Tbilisi, tel: (032) 242 01 80, Email:, call “SOCAR Georgia Gas” / “Sakorggazi”  hotline- 16 114, or send an e-mail to: