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  • Mariam Valishvili
  • Director

Bachelors Degree in Computer Systems and Networks, Georgian Technical University (1998 y.);

Master’s Degree in Engineering Management, Georgian Technical University (2000 y,).


Prior to SOCAR, Mariam has served asDeputy Minister of Energy of Georgia for 9 (2008-2017 yy.); from 2019 -currently is consulting at "Asian Development Bank" (Uzbekistan); She also was General Director of  “Sakhidroenergomsheni” (2008 y.); Commercial Director at "Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation" (2007-2008 yy.); Energy Projects Coordinator at "Millennium Challenge Georgia" (2006-2007 yy.); “Core International, Inc.” (USAID) (2006 y.); North Region Director at "AES Telasi" (1999-2004 yy.); Project Coordinator at “A & E Environmental & Engineering Consultants, Ltd.” (1998-1999 yy.); Data Analyst at “Burns & Roe Enterprise, Inc.” (USAID) (1994-1998 yy.).


Mariam joined SOCAR in 2017 as an Advisor to the General Director of "SOCAR Energy Georgia", from Fabruary 2023 she serves as a Director of "SOCAR Georgia Gas".