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The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) entered Georgian oil and natural gas market in 2006.

SOCAR affiliated companies in Georgian gas sector are: “SOCAR Georgia Gas” LTD, JSC “SOCAR Georgia Gas Distribution” and JSC "Sakorggazi" – the so-called "SOCAR Gas" group.

“SOCAR Gas” group activity involves:

  • Distribution and provision of natural gas;
  • Provision of natural gas to the population;
  • Construction/rehabilitation and maintenance of natural gas distribution networks.

Currently “SOCAR Gas” group ensures provision of natural gas to more than 851 thousand customers all over Georgia. There are 37 service centers, 5 front offices and a call center 16 114, equipped with state-of-art technology operating throughout the country.

“SOCAR Gas” group with more than 3200 employees is considered one of the major employers in Georgia.


"SOCAR Georgia Gas” LTD is SOCAR Energy Georgia’s subsidiary company.

“SOCAR Georgia Gas” LTD was established in 2007, purpose of which was to enter the country’s market (both, wholesale and retail).

"SOCAR Georgia Gas" LTD is involved in natural gas supply and distribution activities, the company provides natural gas both to direct customers and suppliers.

"SOCAR Georgia Gas" has implemented the largest gasification program throughout the country. Under the program, there were constructed/rehabilitated gas distribution networks in towns and villages to ensure provision of natural gas to the population. The big part of gasification program was accomplished in 2017, after which natural gas supply is available for 75% of population of Georgia.

"SOCAR Georgia Gas” LTD accomplished gasification of more than 800 settlements, overall a 5364 km long gas pipeline was constructed throughout Georgia in 2008-2018. As a result of the works implemented, more than 209 thousand potential customers were able to join the network. “SOCAR Georgia Gas" LTD renders its services more than 551 000 customers throughout Georgia.

By 2018, “SOCAR Georgia Gas” LTD has invested 290 million (two hundred ninety thousand million) US dollars in Georgia.

The payments made to the state budget till November 2019 exceeded 703 million Georgian Lars.

In 2010, “SOCAR Georgia Gas” LTD obtained ISO 9001:2008 Standard Quality Certificate. In 2016, the company was recertified by new standard and became the first company in Georgia to receive ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Certificate.

“SOCAR Georgia Gas” LTD is focused on customers’ requirements and satisfaction.

In May 2013, “ITERA-Georgia” JSC changed its brand name to JSC "SOCAR Georgia Gas Distribution”. JSC "SOCAR Georgia Gas Distribution” main activity involves purchase and sale of natural gas.



JSC "SAKORGGAZI" activity involves supply and distribution of natural gas.

JSC "SAKORGGAZI" provides natural gas distribution service to its customers. The company also performs construction, repair and operation of gas distribution networks, maintenance and repair works, management of gas flow metering unit and gasification of new settlements.


JSC "SAKORGGAZI" was registered as joint-stock company in 1996. The primary area of company activity is gasification of towns and villages in Georgia. Over the past years, the company completed gasification of hundreds of populated areas and, first time in Georgia, installed automated gas distribution stations on the pipeline system.

In 2013, after reorganization, 10 distribution license holder companies (gas distributors) were merged with JSC "SAKORGGAZI". Currently the company is one of the largest gas distribution licensee in Georgia. Comapny renders its services more than 295 000 customers throughout Georgia.

In 2014, JSC "SAKORGGAZI" obtained ISO 9001:2008 Standard Quality Certificate. In 2017 the company was recertified by new standard and received ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Certificate.