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How to Become a Customer


A new residential customer connection to the network

A new residential customer shall submit a request for connection to the network to “SOCAR Georgia Gas” / "Sakorggazi" local service center (or submit a request via email to the address: The procedures of connection of a new customer to a distribution network are regulated by Articles 19 and 191 ( see Annex 1) of “Rules for Supply and Consumption of Natural Gas” approved by Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC).

The application for connection to the network is approved in case of payment of the connection fee or upon mutual agreement.

A new customer (low pressure (<0.005MPa) new customer) connection fee to the network applies to the site within 300m radius of the distribution licensee owned distribution network (except for non-gasified settlements defined by the Commission).

The list of non-gasified settlements is approved by the Decree of GNERC (Decree #68/16 dated August 30, 2018) (see Annex 2), the list is also available on GNERC web-page.


Required Documents:

  • Completed and signed application;
  • Copy / photo of the owner ID card (of both sides);
  • Extract from the public register (updated during the last 1 year), or any document that forms the basis for the registration of property rights;
  • In case of co-owner, written consent;
  • Receipt confirming the payment of the advance payment.


Where tariff for connection applies:

  • The network connection applicant is obliged to submit the application in the form approved by GNERC (see Annex 5 and see Annex 6) and pay 50% of new customer connection cost before submitting the application, unless installment payment is requested in the application. ("SOCAR Georgia Gas" account number -  GE63BG0000000162448486; "Sakorggazi" account number - GE16BG0000000967107400).
  • The distribution licensee shall review a submitted application within five workdays and notify the requestor on approval of the application or on any incompliances revealed. In case of rejection of the application, for connection to the network the application shall be resubmitted.
  • Upon approval of the application, a natural gas distribution licensee (a network owner) is obliged to ensure connection of a new customer to a natural gas network within period, defined by the Regulation of GNERC. A new customer is obliged to pay the cost of connection within the time defined by the Regulation.
  • A new customer connection fee to the network is determined in accordance with the connection pressure and capacity packages offered by GNERC  (see Annex 3) and is subject to single-payment.
  • The cost of connection of a new customer to low pressure (0-6 m³/h capacity) amounts to 400 GEL, for the self-governing cities: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Batumi and Poti - 800 GEL and implies arraignment of one internal network point (except for multi-apartment houses) and connection of one gas appliance.
  • Connection of more than one internal network point is an independent request and the customer shall submit additional application for connection to the distribution licensee. The application shall be approved by mutual agreement.
  • Connecting a new household customer to the distribution network with 0-6 m³/h capacity, the connection fee will be distributed for 17 months based on the customer's request. In case of installment payment request the applicant shall repay the connection cost in 17 equated monthly installments.  The first installment shall be paid before submitting the application "SOCAR Georgia Gas" account number -  GE63BG0000000162448486; "Sakorggazi" account number - GE16BG0000000967107400), the remaining amount shall be paid within 16 months after provision of natural gas is initiated.
  • In case of instalment payment to the connection cost shall be added 50 GEL for the self-governing cities and 25 GEL for the other municipalities.
  • In case the natural gas distribution licensee fails to connect a new customer to the network within defined timeframe, the connection cost will be reduced to half. In case of re-exceeding the set deadlines, the connection fee will be canceled and in case of exceeding the deadline third and more times, the customer will be reimbursed 50% of the connection fee in each case.
  • A new distribution network (including gas meter and other equipment), created as a result of connection of a new customer, is a property of a natural gas distribution licensee. An internal network from the customer-owned site area up to the natural gas connection point is a property of a customer.

Where tariff for connection does not apply:

  • Connection to a network is performed based on a mutual agreement between a customer and a natural gas distribution licensee (See Annex 7).
  • In case parties fail to reach an agreement, a natural gas distribution licensee is obliged to provide the requestor with technical provisions for connection to a network free of charge within 10 days after reception of a written request. The requestor will perform connection works independently or with support of another contractor.
  • Regardless who performs connection works, only a natural gas distribution licensee has the right to perform on-site construction supervision, install a gas meter and perform all required cutting/installation works at a distribution network for appropriate payment (the costs of on-site construction supervision, a gas meter installation and cutting/installation works at a distribution network is approved by GNERC  (See Annex 4)).
  • In case the requestor performs construction-connection works independently (or with support of another contractor), he/she shall in advance and in writing notify the distribution licensee.

Customer registration

In case of purchase of a real estate, a new owner shall inform a local service center of “SOCAR Georgia Gas” on change of ownership and registration as a new customer. A new owner shall submit a certificate of ownership along with the application..

The application shall contain:

  • The applicant's name and address;
  • The name of the distribution licensee;
  • The place (address) of provision of service and natural gas supply;
  • The ownership form of the real estate;
  • Natural gas consumption purpose (household or commercial);
  • The list of natural gas appliances and devices with indication of the type and capacity. 

When an individual rents a real estate, in case of written consent of the landlord, he/she is entitled to submit a request on his/her registration as a customer. While processing the application the distribution licensee has the right to request the customer place a certain amount on its deposit and cover the accumulated (current) debt. Otherwise, the distribution licensee retains the right to refuse the registration of the applicant at the specified address.