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Connection to the network   

New household customer shall submit a standard application form to “SOCAR Georgia Gas”/ “Sakorggazi” local service center and indicate the preferred payment method – either lump sum payment or installments payment.

Where tariff for connection applies the cost of connection to the network is determined by GNERC (which implies works conducted at the site within 300m radius from distribution network of a gasified settlement). The cost of connection of a new customer to low pressure (0-6m3/h capacity) amounts to 400 GEL, for the self-governing cities: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Batumi and Poti - 800 GEL. The connection cost shall be allocated over 17 months period if requested by the customer. In case of instalment payment to the connection cost shall be added 50 GEL for the self-governing cities and 25 GEL for the other municipalities.

The requestor (applicant) is obliged to enter 50% of new customer connection cost before submitting the application, unless installment payment is requested in the application. ("SOCAR Georgia Gas" account number -  GE63BG0000000162448486; "Sakorggazi" account number - GE16BG0000000967107400), and the remaining connection fee must be fully paid within 10 working days from the start of gas supply. In case of installments payment – request the applicant shall repay the connection cost in 17 equated monthly installments.  The first installment shall be paid before submitting the application "SOCAR Georgia Gas" account number -  GE63BG0000000162448486; "Sakorggazi" account number - GE16BG0000000967107400), the remaining amount shall be paid within 16 months after provision of natural gas is initiated - 50 GEL per month for the self-governing cities and 25 GEL per month for the other municipalities.

In case the natural gas distribution licensee fails to connect a new customer to the network within defined timeframe, the cost of connection will be reduced to half.

Where tariff for connection does not apply the connection to a network is performed based on a mutual agreement between a customer and a natural gas distribution licensee.

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